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There are many challenges being a teacher, don’t let teaching be a challenge too.

KIDS these days

In a classroom full of kids, it can be delightful but often it can be tough and could drain a lot of your energy, especially when your students are bored with a certain subjects and start wondering around. It is a tough challenge for you teachers, not only tutoring and guiding the next-generation leaders but also maintaining the law and order in the class.
After a long day with the kids, the bell rings and class dismissed. But wait,

Your job is not done when the bell rings .

You still need to do your lesson plan and preparation for the next class. Not only the lesson plans, you might also need to start researching on the subjects for the next lesson.

Let us tell you the truth

Let’s face it, our country education system in general, are outdated. 150 years ago, we need wire for our phones, owning a personal computer was a ridiculous idea; currently, everyone has a phone in our pocket and a laptop in our home. Our technology may evolved, but our education did not changed a bit. This is what it looked like 150 years ago.

See any difference? With our current lifestyle and technology, majority of the kids today, has been watching Cocomelon and other Youtube channel at a very young age, even as young as 2 YEARS OLD! With this much excitement and entertainment in life, kids might get easily bored with the current ancient education system.

Take this wonderful technology and use it to your advantage. Imagine there’s a system that able to capture your students’ attention and deliver a wonderful yet educational lesson to your student. The best part? Lesson plans and workbooks are available to ease your daily work task.

Why choose us?


International Preschool Education Provider

Sri Lanka

Why choose us?

Designed by Expert

Our doctors and experts in early child development have work day and night to formulate a working system for preschoolers.

Approved System

Our syllabus, lesson plans and systems are designed and approved by the International and Malaysia National Preschool Curriculum.

Progressive Learning

We have provided the system and lesson plans for your teachers to have a systematic and progressive teaching for your pupils to be ready for school.

Colorful Animation

Never a dull moment for your students, keep your students attention and release the teaching stress.

Integrated Workbook

Not your traditional teaching workbook, our workbooks are innovated to immerse your students actively engaged through our different learning platform.

On-Site Support

We doubt that our software would have any problems but if you do encounter any trouble; don't worry, help is just a call away. Our dedicated technical team are here for you.

Kindergarten Starter Pack

Teacher Training Seminar

What makes us different?

Systematic Lesson Plan

We have designed the lessons with your students in mind. Creating the steps needed on how to start and prepare them for school.

Teacher Training

Not just a system, we also provide training to your teachers on how to improve and effectively educate your students.

Digitalize Teaching

Preschoolers learn differently, we know that, and have designed our textbook and workbook surrounding this fact.

Browse through our available subjects

Menguasai bahasa kebangsaan, secare sistematik dan teratur. Sistem MiKids akan mengajarkan kanak-kanak kemahiran asas seperti ‘mendengar, bertutur, membaca dan menulis’ dan meguasai kemahiran seperti:

  • Suku kata
  • Tatabahasa
  • Lagu
  • Pantun
  • Latihan

Math made easy with our math lessons, not only counting 1 to 100 but also many other mathematical concepts and problem solving skills such as:

  • Number operations
  • Shape
  • Space
  • Logical thinking
  • Estimation
  • Measurement
  • Real life problem-solving strategies

Phonics-based approach to teach kids on how to read. Each lesson is aimed to develop the 4 area of skill which is listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Effectively teaching kids on:

  • Reading new words using phonics
  • Pronouncing correctly with appropriate stress
  • Speaking with natural UK English intonation
  • Reading aloud fluency with expression
  • Spelling words correctly
  • Speaking and writing with proper grammar
  • Comprehending words sentences, and stories

Stimulating the curiosity and the desire to explore, our system has created an environment for your students to learn while playing; laying the foundation of basic knowledge and understanding, giving your student a head start into primary school, focusing on:

  • Observation
  • Classification
  • Communication

Teaching kids what is right or wrong might be confusing to them at some point. But by using story and activities to convey the message of good and bad behavior, young children could easily understand and develop the ability to distinguish one and another. Mainly focusing on:

  • Self development
  • Empathy
  • Family and community
  • Environment responsibility
  • Patriotism

Why so many teachers prefer MiKids?

Mikids has proven its value remarkably for the tiny blossoms. This is an impressive gift to the kids to develop their English Language
From P.J**lie (Principle)
Mikids Programme helps in developing the child's abiliy to express their thoughts and feelings in fluent language and confident manner
Ms.Khor (Principle)
MIKIDS has reaped rich benefits to the students as they have gained confidence to speak in English at this early age. Helped students to increase their vocabulary , change in accent and improve their listening skills.
Mdm Lee (Principle)
Kuala Lumpur
I would like to thank MIKIDS. The kids are sporting an amazing change in their accent and pronunciation using MIKIDS. Their vocabulary has developed drastically.
Ms.G.....anu (Principle)

Meet our English Expert

Dr Gerry Knowles

B.A., M.A. (Cambridge), PhD (Leeds)

Professor on early child development. Specializes in English Language and is on the advisory board of MiKids English Education System and Lesson plans.

It is not easy teaching a preschooler. Lucky for you, MiKids is here to help. What are the benefits of using MiKids?

For Your Students

  • Acquire confidence to converse in English at a very young age
  • Learn to speak with proper intonation and pronunciation
  • Ability to master a board vocabulary (more than 2800 + words!)
  • Master in Phonics and become an independent reader

For You/Teachers

  • Get international training to teach English as per International Standards
  • Acquire skills in teaching Phonics, Syllabication & Accentuation
  • Opportunity of training to enhance knowledge & teaching skill
  • Get an excellent tool to handle classes efficiently
  • Gain access to lesson plans for objective based teaching and more!

For Your Schools

  • Ensure standardised delivery across all sections
  • Upgrade the teaching practice by international standards
  • Effective management and control of staff turnover
  • The assurance of high quality teaching staff through constant training and improvements.
  • Satisfied Parents – Happy Teachers

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